Message from Principal


Dear Students

Another year arrives with more promises, more expectations and more challenges. Each new session we plan and hope for charting new heights and traversing new roads. Every year teaches us something new. We learn new skills, we hone our talents and we give up what we realise is not good. Thus we can say that change is the only constant in the world. However there are many things which do not lose their relevance in our lives and our nature. The basic human values and humane attributes shall always remain important in our lives. Talent, brilliance and intelligence are the bright jewels which are cynosure of all eyes, but humility, politeness and etiquettes are the satin against which these jewels shine. Brilliance without humility may turn intoarrogance; talent without hard work may remain latent; intelligence bereft of caring and sharing may go unnoticed. It is therefore equally important for all of us to sharpen our people skills, communication skills and emotional skills.

Each and every student has unlimited possibilities. Some may bloom early, some late, but bloom they will. However before we are recognized for our talents it is important that we are known by our kind nature, empathetic spirit and positive attitude.

I hope this year each one of you is able to find a new and inspiring attribute in yourself and in your friends. I hope this year you would be able to make this world a much better place.

Wish you all the best for the new academic year.


Rachna Pandit

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