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Children's Day
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Delhi Public School, Maruti Kunj celebrated Children's Day with gaiety and fervour   on 12th November 2016. It was a fun-filled day for the students as well as the teachers. A gamut of activities were planned to mark the occasion as a grand fiesta. The teachers made the day special, as various activities and events were organized and performed by them. The programme began with a prayer and a motivational song presentation by the teachers. They also danced, recited poems and enacted on stage to make the day memorable for the students. The students also presented a cultural programme which included fashion show, songs, skits and fancy dress show.  The students enjoyed immensely.

The school was buzzing with excitement and joy as the beautifully dressed-up children participated in various activities. They also relished the chocolates which were distributed on the occasion.


    Class VIII - Assembly
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    Class Assembly – VIII

    Class VIII E

    “Humanity is the quality of being human; the peculiar nature of man, by which he is distinguished by other being “. Today’s assembly was presented by class 8th-E on October 25, 2016.  The topic for today’s assembly was ‘HUMANITY’. Principle ma’am read the prayer followed by a beautiful song presented by the students of class VIII-E. A refreshing thought was read by Gargi, the latest news was delivered by Himanshu and Ananya, the word of the day was presented by Krishan Keshav. After that an enlightening article was read by Tanisha, a rhythmic self-composed poem was delivered by Pratishtha. Somya and Aditi compared the entire show very well. The special quote for the today’s assembly was “IF A FEW DROPS OF THE OCEAN ARE DIRTY, THE OCEAN DOES NOT BECOME DIRTY”.


    Class VIII D

    The assembly by 8th D was presented on 20th October 2016 on the topic “Hope”. The Prayer was read by the ‘Principal’, the choir was presented by the students. Thought was read by Mukunj, News was read by Muskan and Sneha, Article was narrated by Kritika. The Poem was composed by Tanisha, the word of the day was presented by Ishika and comparing was done by Manvi and Saloni. The special quote for today’s assembly is “ONCE YOU CHOOSE HOPE, ANYTHING WILL BE POSSIBLE”. This brought us to the end of the assembly which was followed by the National Anthem.


    Class VIII C

    The assembly by 8th C was presented on 18th October 2016 on the topic “Smiling is infectious, You catch it like flu, When someone smiled at me today, I started smiling too”. The thought of the day was read out by Samridhi. Aashima presented the news. Ujjwal gave the correct pronunciation of the word of the day. A set of students read the article based on “How one can free there heart from hatred”. enacted a few famous personalities Lalita-Malala, Barsha-Arunima Sinha and Hansika- Sudha Chandra to bring out the theme distinctly. A beautiful poem was narrated by Purnima.  The charming girls of VIII C presented a dance at the end of the assembly. Everyone enjoyed the assembly and the Principal applauded the efforts of class 8 C.


    Class VIII B

    kxaa AazvaIM ‘A’

    idnaaÐk 30–08–16 kao kxaa AazvaIM ‘A’ ko baccaaoM nao ‘ekta’ ivaYaya pr p`aqa-naa–saBaa ka Aayaaojana ikyaa¸ ijasamaoM inaikta evaM gaunagauna nao saU~Qaar¸ ip`yaaMSau nao sauivacaar¸ i~Salaa nao samaacaar¸ ilapasaa nao Aaja ka Sabd¸ hYa- nao ‘ekta’ ivaYaya pr laoK¸ kiSaSa nao kivata tqaa saumaoQaa nao svaricat kivata kI p`stuit dI.

    AMt maoM P`aQaanaacaayaa- nao baccaaoM kI p`itBaa kI sarahnaa krto hue AagaamaI ParIxaa ko ilae SauBakamanaaeÐ dI.


      House Assemblies
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      House Assemblies

      Yamuna House– 24, December 2016     

      The assembly held on 23 December 2016 was conducted by Yamuna House on the theme Christmas. The assembly started with the Prayer. It was followed by the Thought of the day. After that many melodious carols were sung by the students. Then the Santa distributed gifts to the children. After that medals and trophies were awarded for sports, Computer fest, NCC, Japanese literature fest, Spell Vocab, to the proud winners by respected Principal Ma’am. The assembly ended by the National Anthem. It was warm and sunny day to enjoy the assembly and it was applauded by everyone.

      Satluj House– 25, November 2016         

       “The highest education is that which does not merely give us information

      But makes our life in harmony with all existence.”

      A special assembly was conducted by the students of Satluj house on the topic communal harmony. The assembly started with the Morning Prayer which was followed by a beautiful prayer song.

      Soumi Banerjee of class VIII presented a thought with a message that real education not only gives us knowledge but teaches us to stay in harmony and be a better person. Isha and Ariba of class IX took the gathering around the globe by reading out the latest news updates. A street play was also presented by the students of classes IX and X. It aimed at spreading the message of communal harmony and unity in diversity and that “We all are ONE”.

      The assembly ended on a cheerful note when the students performed a dance.

      The teachers and students of Satluj house were well appreciated by the principal for sending out the message of communal harmony loud and clear.

      Ravi House– 27, October 2016         

      A special assembly on “Diwali” was conducted by Ravi House. The Principal lit the lamp to begin the assembly on the auspicious occasion. The assembly began with Ganpati Vandana that brought out the essence of the festival- celebration of happiness and prosperity.

       A beautiful thought was presented by the student followed by an article and news headlines. Besides sensitizing students about the ill effects of crackers, important guidelines on eco friendly Diwali were also shared. The audience was treated to an exhilarating rendition of a poem which left a lasting impression. The students showcased the real spirit of Diwali through a mesmerizing dance performance.

      The Principal appreciated the efforts of the students whole heartedly. The assembly concluded with Principal Madam’s appeal to celebrate a clean, peaceful and a bright Diwali.

      Ganga House– 16 August 2016          

      The Senior Wing celebrated Rakshabandan which was put up by Ganga house students. The comparing was done by Kanika Sharma and Tanmay Jain. The prayer by the principal was followed by Melodious choir by the students of Ganga house. The thought was read out by Nikita. A poem was recited by Lalita. A short script called “Rakhi ka Mulya” was inacted by Jasmine, Prateek, Priyanshu, Kashish, Akshat, Anish & Neha.

      This colorful skit brought forth. The beautiful relationship between Mugal King Humayun and his Hindu sister Jawahar bai. Next came a dance which was even more colorful and vibrant. The participants were Jiya, Aman & Rishabh. Assembly enjoyed by Prinicpal, Teachers and the students.

      Chenab House - 11 August 2016         

      Delhi Public School celebrated Independence Day which was organized by Chenab house students. The MCs were Tripti Mishra of class 10th E and Ronak Yadav of class 12th F . A beautiful thought was presented by Sanskar Pandey of class 7th C .

      Garima Rathi of class 10th E and Aaradhya Vats of class 9th D shared the international, national , sports news and all the current affairs of the globe . G. Lavanya of class 10th E presented an article which had many heart touching  thoughts and about the Indian freedom struggle . It included many worthy quotes like





      A patriotic poem recited by Harsh which was enacted by the group of students.

      A stunning semi classical and fusion dance was performed by Anjali Joshi and Neeraj Diwedi of class 9th E and 8th C .

      Sreshth and Aditya of 9th F , Shivam Chauhan of class 10th E Riya of class 10th D were very supportive in organizing the assembly .

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