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Class - IX C, Date 23-05-2017

The assembly was presented by the class 9C. The topic was Good Manners. The assembly began with the prayer read out by the Principal Sir followed by the choir. The thought for the day was read out by Bhavika. Next was the news brought about by Samridhi Bisht. There was also an article about Good Manners read out by Mukunj & Saloni.

The assembly became glorious when the NCC & Sports team students bagged prizes and laurels distributed by the Principal Sir.

Our school NCC and band team participated in the event “Yaad Rahe Qurbani” organized by Youth Social Cultural Association on 21-05-2017. Our school has won first position in the event.

Band & NCC Participant Members:

Hargobind – XC

Aman – VIII A

Gaganjeet – IX C

Shubham – IX B

Jayant – IX D

Nikhil – IX D

Anshul – IX D

Harsh Ambawata – IX B

Aman Bisht – X E

Saddaf – VIII A

Vidhan – VIII A

Piyush – VIII A

Rohit – VIII A

Abhishek – VIII A

Hitesh – XI A

Team Incharge – Satish Ahlawat



        Pool Bash Activity- Infant Wing
        Let's beat the heat   ...News & Updates

        The much awaited calendar event of the year ‘Pool Bash’ was organized for the children to beat the sweltering heat of the summer. The atmosphere around the pool area was charged with giggling and chatting of the children as they entered the pool water in their multi-hued swimming costumes. The enthusiastic children enjoyed themselves to the hilt as they splashed the refreshing cool water on each other under the constant supervision of their class teachers.
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