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Master Vikrant Singh of class XI F participated in INTER-DPS. National Swimming Meet- 2016 hosted by DPS Bhilaai, Chhattisgarh from 15th to 17th July 2016 under the aegis of DPS society.

Master Vikrant Singh won 4 Gold and 1 Silver in 5 events he participated.

In 100m Back Stroke


In 200m Back Stroke


In 100m Breast Stroke


In 200m Breast Stroke


In 200m Individual Med lay


Date: 15.07.2016

DPS Maruti Kunj students participated in Xth Maharaja (Dr) Karni Singh Shooting championship from 7th July 2016 to 10th July 2016, 10 shooters participated in this tournament from our school.

Shooters from J&K, Punjab, Haryana, UP, MP, Gujarat and Rajasthan participated in this tournament.

Our shooters bagged 7 medals.

Aaina Dahiya won 3 gold medals and 2 silver medals. She participated in-

Sub Junior

Gold (Individual)


Silver (Individual)


Gold (Individuals)


Aaina, Shweta and Aisha won team medals in Youth, won in silver team medal. Aaina won third gold medal in team Junior Women.

Date – 05-07-2016

* Riya more of class 12th F represented Haryana in the Junior National Basketball Championship from 1st – 8th May 2016 at Pondicherry.

* Inter DPS Basketball championship held at DPS Dwarka from 6th May – 8th May 2016. The players of our school won 4th position out of 17 teams. They are selected for participation in national DPS championship to be held in November at DPS Bulundshahar.

* Shooters form our school participated in the 2nd Eklavya 10 meters Air Pistol shooting championship from 17th June – 19th June 2016. Following students won in their categories:

Aaina Dahiya – IX –     Youth Women - Gold (Individual)

                                    Senior Women – Gold (Individual)

                                    Junior Women – Silver (Individual)

Priya Raghav – XI        Youth Women - Silver (Individual)

Aisha Sharma – IX       Senior Women – Silver (Individual)

Shweta Sharma – IX    Senior Women – Bronze (Team)

Abdud D. Asad – XII    Junior Men – Gold (Individual)

                                    Youth Men – Silver (Individual)


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