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NCC Annual Training Camp

(08th December 2016 to 17th December 2016)

“Events occur, thoughts build up and

Faint off. Life goes on and what stays

With us are memories.”



This holds true for any special event in life. Such was the Annual Training Camp of Junior Division (Boys) which  was held at Kushak (Palwal) from 08th December 2016 to 17th December 2016 conducted by 5 Haryana Battalion NCC under the aegis of Chandigarh Directorate.

Twenty four second year NCC Cadets of our school attended the ten day camp. The cadets of our school participated in all the competitions and bagged many awards.

Given below is the list of achievements of the Cadets.

1.    First position in Line Area Competition.

2.    First position in Endurance run of 5 kilometer with a timing of 34 mins.

3.    Cadet Vivek got two first positions. One in Slogan Writing Competition and the best Helping Hand Cadet of the camp .

4.    Cadet Tushar Yadav was declared the best firer of the camp.

5.    Cadet Shubham Jangra was declared the  best cadet for turnout.

6.    Cadet Saumya kulhari was declared the most promising cadet of the camp

7.    Cadet Madhav Bhardwaj was declared as the best speaker.


The officers and PI staff were very caring and looked after the smallest requirement of the cadets. This camp was very educative and informative and provided a opportunity to the cadets to befriend cadets hailing from different schools.

While concluding, I would like to say that a camp like this not only grooms the personality of a cadet but also makes one’s life style much more disciplined and regulated as the cadets get to know the real meaning of Unity and Discipline.

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