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An assembly ‘Inquisitive Mind’ was conducted to make the children aware how the curious mind of great people has resulted in big inventions. The assembly commenced with a thought which stressed upon the fact that the great minds always discuss ideas. It was followed by the children sharing some fascinating facts about the human brain. A poem presented by the little ones mentioned how the children are always curious to know the reason behind all the natural phenomena that occur in their environment. The assembly ended with an action song which depicted how the human race has progressed from living a life of hunter gatherers during the early times to the modern day sophisticated living. All this has happened due to their brilliant minds which led to the discovery of things like fire, wheels, bulbs etc. It showed the contribution made by the eminent scientists like Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Thomas Alva Edison, Wright brothers etc. The Headmistress, Ms. Sarita Ahooja discussed with the kids how the necessity of the human beings became the mother of all inventions.


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