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Garment design with unconventional material.   

WEARABLE ART (BEST OUT OF WASTE)  Garment design with unconventional material.  Class 6th & 7th  Deadline: 20th May 2020. 
The school organised an exciting competition to break the monotony of daily routine education. Students gave a tremendous response.     About 44 Students participated in the competition. Dresses made from newspapers, Plastic Packets, foil wrappers, cardboard etc were made, embellished with feathers, CDs, tiles, glass, plastic, sand, wood etc. It was difficult to choose among so many extraordinary pieces of art. Since the protocol calls for some forerunners to be awarded a few students’ entries were chosen: 
Ist prize: Tejal Kapse, 7 C, Yamuna

IInd Prize: Suhani Sharma 6 C

IIIrd Prize: Manas Kumar 6A Ravi, Aanya 6E Chenab.

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