The school takes pride in having one of the most well well-equipped, Chemistry, and Biology laboratories in the town. A student of science is always inquisitive. The Science Lab is the place where a lot of unanswered questions come to the fore and are practically demonstrated to the students. All the experiments are conducted here in the most hygienic and safe manner.



The school has two computer labs with more than 20 computers in each lab. It has advanced infrastructure in terms of hardware and software which cater to the requirements of the students, teachers, and the curriculum. The school is equipped with a dedicated broadband Internet connection to help the students do their comprehensive research for their projects and presentations.  


Mathematics lab is equipped with latest computers and software’s provided by NIIT.  Mathematics Lab is a place where students can learn and explore mathematical concepts and verify mathematical facts and theorems through a variety of activities using different materials. Here students learn mathematics in an interactive and interesting way with the help of quiz, activities, contents etc.

These activities are carried out by the teacher for the students to help them to explore, learn, stimulate interest and develop favorable attitude towards mathematics.

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