Save Bird Campaign

                                           NEWSPAPER REPORT: SAVE BIRDS CAMPAIGN

Delhi Public School ,Maruti Kunj in collaboration with Navkalp foundation initiated an environmental awareness campaign "Daana Pani Ghonsala" on 12th May ,2022 with an aim to sensitize the students towards the plight of thirsty birds during the harsh summer season.Founded by Mr Anil Arya,Navkalp is a non profit organization which works in the field of environment, health, education, nutrition and women empowerment.  Ms Meenakshi Saxena,art and cultural coordinator from the Navkalp foundation shared with the students that birds, specially sparrows are our friends which love to live in harmony with humans. They are an important link between the food chain and our ecosystem. She further highlighted that as the temperature is increasing day by day, these birds have to bear the brunt of scorching heat due to the lack of shelter, food and water. She encouraged the students to take a pledge that they will save these tiny creatures by providing them adequate food and water to quench their thirst .Under this campaign ,three artificial nests provided by the Navkalp foundation, having the facility of food and water for tiny creatures were placed at different areas in the sprawling lush green surroundings of the school campus. The enthusiastic children started the campaign by putting seeds and water in these nests for the birds. They also expressed their views about this cause and also recited a poem "Save birds".School Principal, Mr Akhilesh Chandra Chaturvedi in his message to the students talked about working for this noble cause to usher change in society to make this world a better place for all living beings while being in harmony with nature. The Primary wing incharge ,Ms Rashma Saxena  and Senior Mistress, Ms Beena Mudgal assured that students will  regularly put seeds and water in these nests for the parched little birds to contribute their bit towards this cause.

    • Save Bird Campaign
    • Save Bird Campaign
    • Save Bird Campaign
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