Swachhta hi Sewa
Swachhta hi Sewa
Swachhta hi Sewa
Swachhta hi Sewa
Swachhta hi Sewa
Swachhta hi Sewa
Swachhta hi Sewa
Swachhta hi Sewa

Title: "Swachh Hi Sewa Initiative Report"

The "Swachh Hi Sewa" initiative was organized by the students of Class X with the aim of promoting cleanliness and hygiene in our nearby locality. This report provides an overview of the activities conducted and the outcomes achieved during the campaign.

1. **Awareness Campaign**: The students conducted an extensive awareness campaign in the local community. They distributed pamphlets, organized street plays, and engaged in door-to-door conversations to educate residents about the importance of cleanliness.

2. **Self-Motivation**: As a leading example, the students actively participated in cleaning the locality themselves. This hands-on approach not only set a positive example but also inspired others to join in.

3. **Cleanliness Inspectors**: A team of cleanliness inspectors, consisting of students, was formed to monitor the cleanliness of different areas within the school premises.

1. **Star Classes**: Among all the classes, XC and IV A stood out as the star classes, consistently maintaining high levels of cleanliness and hygiene.

2. **Increased Awareness**: The awareness campaign reached a significant portion of the local population, resulting in improved knowledge about cleanliness and its importance.

3. **Community Participation**: Many residents of the locality actively participated in cleaning drives and pledged to keep their surroundings clean.

The "Swachh Hi Sewa" initiative led by the students of Class X was a great success. It not only raised awareness about cleanliness but also motivated individuals to take responsibility for their surroundings. The star classes, XC and IV A, deserve special recognition for their outstanding commitment to cleanliness. This initiative has sown the seeds of a cleaner and healthier community.

We extend our gratitude to all participants and volunteers for their dedication to this noble cause.

Gurpreet Kaur



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